Domestic tour packages

We provide customized travel services in all directions, from Premium luxury hotels to budgeted Holiday packages, all of which cover both Domestic and International destinations as well as create specialized travel packages like family holidays, honeymoons, group and series tours, meetings, incentives, conventions, technical visits, sporting trips, etc. We offer best prices, at any time, at The Matic Holidays Pvt Ltd. We believe that each travel plan has to be the best, from the most elementary […]

indian food takeaway harris park

haveli Indian restaurant and sweetsCan traditional cuisine be life-changing? It definitely can, at least if you count the testimonials of people who have experienced Indian cuisine. Kept away from the Western world for centuries, this unique cuisine became widely available in the 20th century, when Indian families started to settle in Europe, Australia, and the United States and opened small restaurants with traditional foods. The trend that started as a family-owned business rapidly developed […]